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Mobile Sea Otters aims to restore and conserve the beautiful and fertile Japanese seaweed forests, collaborating with many people including fishermen and divers, and deploying scientific approaches. We believe that tackling seaweed denudation will help conserve healthy marine ecosystem, contribute to the local fishery industry and slow down climate change.


NameNon-profit general incorporated association Mobile Sea Otters
(General Incorporated Non-Profit Association Mobile Sea Otters)
Establishment2019/5/30 Registered with Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau
Board MemberRepresentative Director
Teruhisa Komatsu (Technical Advisor, Japan Fisheries Resources Conservation Association, Senior Visiting Researcher, International Emex Center)
Yuji Tanaka (Professor, Faculty of Marine Resources and Environment, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)
Yuta Kawamoto (CEO of Oceana Co., Ltd.)
The purpose of the group
(Purpose stated in the articles of incorporation)
Our organisation aims to restore and conserve healthy seaweed forests and their ecosystems, and in order to contribute to that purpose, we will carry out the following activities.
1. Activities to restore and conserve healthy seaweed forests
2. Activities to raise awareness of the importance of seaweed forests and the issue of seaweed denudation
3. Organise volunteers including divers to restore seaweed forests
4. Other activities necessary to achieve the purpose of this organization
Activity report July 2020July 2021

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