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MSO is engaged in various projects aimed to restore healthy seaweed forests across Japan.

Seaweed forests restoration

We work with local fishers, diving shops and volunteer divers to do various field activities to protect seaweed forests. Our activities include culling overgrazing urchins and installing spore bags (mature seaweed releasing spore to encourage wider spread of seaweed in the coming season).

Monitoring research

One of MSO's core strengths comes from the scientific background of Doctor Komatsu, our Representative Director, who has studied seaweed forests over decades with his expertise in remote sensing. Under his supervision, we have conducted monitoring research of seaweed forests in multiple areas across Japan - researching growing conditions of seaweed in the regions and impacts of urchins and herbivorous fish. We strongly believe scientific guidance is essential when tackling such a large-scale, long-term environmental issue.

Sharing knowledge

In Japan, there is little public awareness about seaweed forests and the current situation, not only among the wider public but also among divers. MSO organises various events including study groups, workshops and webinars to share knowledge about seaweed forests. We occasionally collaborate with other organisations to host events.

Latest Activities / NEWS

Mobile Sea Otters
Mobile Sea Otters2 months ago
The other day, I helped out at a workshop to make a Shiba Kaleidoscope, and even diver members who are participating in the activities of the Sea Otter Corps have made Seaweed Shiba!Beautiful 🥰
Mobile Sea Otters
Mobile Sea Otters2 months ago
【Check out our STRATEGY PAPER🙌】

Mobile Sea Otters is very happy to announce the launch of the STRATEGY PAPER!!!

Our Strategy Paper, "Recovering Japan's Sea Forests, 'Moba'", summarises the large accumulation of information covering basic contexts - from both scientific and social aspects, as well well as introduction of restoration methods and ongoing initiatives across the country - most of whose information has not been available in English.

We wrote this report to summarize and share the basic contexts in Japan, as well as to make proposals to accelerate collective efforts to restore the invaluable Moba (seaweed beds). The Japanese version is also under way - please stay tuned!

We are happy to make this report available for download, free of charge, so that it can reach all those who may benefit from this information - please download your copy from the link below👇
(There is a minor issue with the English webpage - please switch to the Japanese page, then the download form will appear. After you fill in the form, there will be a link for download.)


Special thanks to the amazing co-author: Kyoko Okuyama!!!
Photo credit: Yudai Tsubone
Mobile Sea Otters
Mobile Sea Otters3 months ago
[We held a seaweed kaleidoscope workshop at Takeshiba Chomoro🌲]

Last weekend, on the 29th and 30th, we held a seaweed kaleidoscope workshop for children at the Takeshiba event "A little future interesting future (commonly known as Chomoro)" sponsored by Tokyo Gas and co-sponsored by the Seaweed Shiba Association. did!
#workshop" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer">https://change-tomorrow.tokyo/#workshop
(As part of the Tokyo Gas subsidized "Forest Satoumi Project")

I also talked a little bit about "importance of seaweed bed" and "isoyake", but it was a little difficult for the younger children to participate from the age of 4 😅
(As expected, I didn't talk about blue carbon ...!)

Even those who have never touched the sea, the Seaweed Shiba Kaleidoscope was so beautiful that everyone seemed to enjoy it!
Thank you to everyone who participated, the lecturers of the Seaweed Shiba Association, and the volunteers from Tokyo Gas and the Sea Otter Corps for the two days.
Mobile Sea Otters
Mobile Sea Otters4 months ago
[10/29 & 30 Seaweed Kaleidoscope Workshop in Takeshiba]

At the end of this month, we will be holding a workshop together with the Seaweed Oshiba Association as part of the "Tokyo Gas Mori Satoumi Tsunagu Project" at the event "A little more interesting future" to be held in Takeshiba.
Due to the size of the venue, the number of participants is limited, so if it is convenient for you, please apply and participate 🐟
Attached is a photo of the kaleidoscope made yesterday by Mr. Macha Takayama of the Shiba Kyokai 🥰
【Holding date】
2022年10月29日(土)11:00 – 18:00、30日(日)10:00 – 18:00
【Admission fee】
Material cost 500 yen, advance reservations required
Click here to apply⇒https://pro.form-mailer.jp/fms/e64d0fe0266983
Mobile Sea Otters
Mobile Sea Otters7 months ago
It has nothing to do with the activity, but ... I'm always looking forward to the stamp sticker "Umi no Ikimono Series", and finally the sea otter version is out 🦦🥰
Or cute ...!It is firmly entwined with kelp 😆

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