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MSO is engaged in various projects aimed to restore healthy seaweed forests across Japan.

Seaweed forests restoration

We work with local fishers, diving shops and volunteer divers to do various field activities to protect seaweed forests. Our activities include culling overgrazing urchins and installing spore bags (mature seaweed releasing spore to encourage wider spread of seaweed in the coming season).

Monitoring research

One of MSO's core strengths comes from the scientific background of Doctor Komatsu, our Representative Director, who has studied seaweed forests over decades with his expertise in remote sensing. Under his supervision, we have conducted monitoring research of seaweed forests in multiple areas across Japan - researching growing conditions of seaweed in the regions and impacts of urchins and herbivorous fish. We strongly believe scientific guidance is essential when tackling such a large-scale, long-term environmental issue.

Sharing knowledge

In Japan, there is little public awareness about seaweed forests and the current situation, not only among the wider public but also among divers. MSO organises various events including study groups, workshops and webinars to share knowledge about seaweed forests. We occasionally collaborate with other organisations to host events.

Latest Activities / NEWS

Mobile Sea Otters
Mobile Sea Otters3 weeks ago
[Survey for eelgrass creation in Hyogo 🌱]
* English below

It's a staggered post again 💦
The other day, we conducted an environmental survey for the eelgrass development project in Takasago City, Hyogo Prefecture.
It was a rainy and very cold day, but I used a kayak and a wader to check the water depth and sediment in this area. (Photos that don't look good ... 😅)

This will give you an idea of ​​how well this area is suitable for growing eelgrass and will be the basis for thinking about what you should do to grow eelgrass.
Eelgrass is a type of seaweed that not only plays an important role in absorbing carbon dioxide (blue carbon) in the sea, but also serves as a habitat for many creatures 🐟

This survey was conducted as a support for a new environmental education project planned by Takasago City and Takasago Universal Design in the future.
I'm really looking forward to what kind of initiatives we can do in this area from now on.
It was also implemented using a grant from the SOA (Sustainable Ocean Alliance).

We conducted a field study in Takasago city, Hyogo prefecture, to examine the environment for restoration of seagrass (eelgrass)
Through field study and interviews with local experts, we recorded water depth and sediment materials to check whether the area is suitable for seagrass to grow --and if not --to determine how best to improve the environment.

This study was conducted as pre-research for the upcoming restoration and environmental education programme by the City of Takasago and Takasago Universal Design.
We are very excited to start this new challenge in a new location!
It was funded by microgrants from SOA (Sustainable Ocean Alliance) --we greatly appreciate the support 🙌

#seagrass #restoration #mobileseaotters #soa #sustainableoceanalliance #Umi no Mori #Environmental protection #Seaweed bed #Mobile sea otter corps
Mobile Sea Otters
Mobile Sea OttersMobile Sea Otters is at Izu Kitagawa Port.4 weeks ago
Izu Kitagawa Port
[Seaweed diving & seaweed oshiba making in Izu Kitagawa 🐠]

Excuse me for posting a considerable time difference 💦
We performed seaweed diving & seaweed oshiba making in Higashiizu / Kitagawa, which is characterized by gorgeous and beautiful soft coral and dynamic terrain 🌿

Seaweed quiz, seaweed observation, field bingo, seaweed making I learned thoroughly!

Be impressed by the beauty of seaweed, be amazed by the variety of seaweeds, and find your favorite seaweed.Knowing the role that seaweed brings to the earth, I realized that it was valuable.It was a series of new discoveries from beginning to end.

The more you know about seaweed, the more attractive it becomes and the deeper it is ~ 😍
Details of the activity are also introduced in the article of ocean + α!
@ocean_a @celina_ocean

Organizer: Seaweed Oshiba Association x Mobile Sea Otters

#Mobile sea otter corps #Ethical diver #Umi no Mori #Environmental activities #seaweedforest #restoration #scubadiving #ethicaldiver
Mobile Sea Otters
Mobile Sea Otters1 month ago
[3/6 Seaweed diving 🌱 Detailed report]

About the seaweed diving & workshop held by Dr. Macha Takayama of the Seaweed Oshiba Association on 3/6, Mr. Serina Jingu of ocean + α (Oceana) wrote a detailed report ✨

Please take a look at the details of the day when you are completely satisfied with the seaweed on the day 🦦
Mobile Sea Otters
Mobile Sea Otters2 months ago
[Performance Information --3 / 11 NHK Special]
Teruhisa Komatsu, the representative director of the Mobile Sea Otters, will appear on the NHK Special "How to Build the Future of the Damaged Sea" from 3:11 on March 22th (Friday) tomorrow.
(Relationship of research that has continued since I was working at university)
It's been 3.11 years since 11 tomorrow ... Please have a look!
Mobile Sea Otters
Mobile Sea Otters2 months ago
[3/6 Seaweed Diving & Oshiba Workshop in Izu ✂️]
The transparency was also very good, and I was able to observe various seaweeds (and many creatures including sea turtles 🐢) in the cleanest sea ✨
And the seaweed salmon roe that I was looking forward to was insanely addicted ... no matter how much time I had ...! !!I'm looking forward to the completion 😍

Thank you, Dr. Macha Takayama, for a fun and educational day! !! !!

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