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MSO is engaged in various projects aimed to restore healthy seaweed forests across Japan.

Seaweed forests restoration

We work with local fishers, diving shops and volunteer divers to do various field activities to protect seaweed forests. Our activities include culling overgrazing urchins and installing spore bags (mature seaweed releasing spore to encourage wider spread of seaweed in the coming season).

Monitoring research

One of MSO's core strengths comes from the scientific background of Doctor Komatsu, our Representative Director, who has studied seaweed forests over decades with his expertise in remote sensing. Under his supervision, we have conducted monitoring research of seaweed forests in multiple areas across Japan - researching growing conditions of seaweed in the regions and impacts of urchins and herbivorous fish. We strongly believe scientific guidance is essential when tackling such a large-scale, long-term environmental issue.

Sharing knowledge

In Japan, there is little public awareness about seaweed forests and the current situation, not only among the wider public but also among divers. MSO organises various events including study groups, workshops and webinars to share knowledge about seaweed forests. We occasionally collaborate with other organisations to host events.

Latest Activities / NEWS

Mobile Sea Otters
Mobile Sea Otters1 week ago
[Installation of spor bag of Ecklonia cava in Hayama 🌱]

Continuing from last month, sea otter members have also participated in seaweed bed conservation activities sponsored by diving shop NANA 🦦
In addition to the usual sea urchin extermination, this time we installed a spor bag 💪
The Spore bag is a bag filled with seaweed (mother algae) that matures and produces spores, and it has the effect of promoting growth again by installing it in a place where the seaweed has disappeared.
Activities in Hayama, where fishermen, scientists, prefectural assembly members, and divers work together, are always inspiring ☺️
I hope I can see the baby Ecklonia cava again next year ... 🙌
It was a day that I enjoyed diving as I met many creatures in the very transparent and beautiful sea 🤿🤩
Mobile Sea Otters
Mobile Sea Otters1 week ago
[Arekore of poaching ... 🙅‍♀️]
I think there are surprisingly few people who have quite complicated laws and regulations and can clearly understand them ...? !! 😳
Permission is required for crushing sea urchins and collecting seaweed samples, which are related to seaweed bed conservation.
Mobile Sea Otters
Mobile Sea Otters2 weeks ago
Diving shop NANA made a video! !!
Thank you

Mobile Sea Otters
Thank you for your support by subscribing to the channel and receiving high ratings!http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgMO5-XIHFCGP85UJmwcU7w?sub_confirmation=1-------------------------------------------------- ------...
Mobile Sea Otters
Mobile Sea Otters3 weeks ago
Last week, sea otter divers dived at Hayama's diving shop NANA.
The first one is to exterminate sea urchins in shallow water to conserve seaweed beds 💪 Most of them are purple sea urchins and diadema setosum, but there are also relatively rare bafun sea urchins.
I enjoyed the second one with a fun dive 🤿 The weather and the sea are great, I am very happy to see various creatures 🌅🐙🦞🐠🐟

I like the beauty of the sea and the sea!It's important to cherish that feeling and just enjoy it once in a while 😍
Mobile Sea Otters
Mobile Sea Otters1 month ago
Difficult ... 🙃

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